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Here is your “Day On the Hill” Update for February 2020!

The outdoor and off-roader communities made the trek to the Utah Capitol on February 6th for the 3rd Annual Offroad & Outdoor Recreation Day on the Hill. Foul weather earlier in the week forced some Senate & House committees to alter their schedules at the last minute, so many of the legislators who wanted to be there couldn’t make it, but those who did made great contacts among their constituents, discussed pending legislative items and improved the ties between public land managers and users.

The event was organized and hosted by the Utah Off-Roaders Alliance and the Salt Lake Off-Road & Outdoor Expo, with great support from the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation, Utah Dept of Natural Resources, Utah Outdoor Association, BOAR, UTV Utah, Blue Ribbon Coalition, Ride With Respect and Utah State University.

Nearly a dozen Senators and Representatives were able to stop by, far surpassing UORA’s first effort of two years ago. All were pleased with what they saw and heard. Most stopped at every table to chat with each organization and agency.

SLOREX Day on Capitol Hill 2020

Pictured, LtoR: India Nielson (OOR), Bryan Twyman (BOAR), Tara McKee (OOR), Bud Bruening (UTV Utah), Dustin Cederholm (UOA), Benjamin Burr (BRC), Lena Laakso (UOA), Dwayne Boring (UTV Utah), Phoenix Roberts (UORA), Alex Gertsch (SLOREX), Rose Smith (OOR), Scott Phillips (SLOREX), Cliff Koontz (RwR). Not pictured: Chris Haller (DNR); photo by Elizabeth Timmer (UOA).

UORA has been exploring the idea of a legislative ride-along, an opportunity for legislators to join the off-roading clubs out on the trails. Those who attended were unanimous in their support of the concept. This will be on the agenda for the next Lands Stewardship Roundtable, at the Salt Lake Off-Road Expo (28-29 Feb @ Mountain America Expo Center, visit for details!).

The 4th Annual Offroad & Outdoor Recreation Day on the Hill next year is scheduled for February 25, 2021, in the Rotunda.

This recap shared by Phoenix Roberts, UORA Board of Directors and SLOREX Government Affairs.

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